23 December 2017 - 1 May 2018 - Exhibiting outside of Gallery NL=US, for 'Four Seasons Object', Schilderstraat 5, 3011 ER Rotterdam.


3 March - 7 April 2018 - Group exhibition 'Power & Ancestors' at Gallery WM, Elandsgracht 35-BG, 1016 TN Amsterdam.


18 March - 9 April 2018 - Group exhibition for the presentation of art magazine 'Anus #4' at De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam.


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February-March 2018 - Group exhibition at Retrospective show of Anke Labrie at Bagagehal Loods 6, Amsterdam.

December 2017 - Solo exhibition and workshops at De Lieve Stad, Amsterdam.


September 2017 - Solo exhibition at pop-up space "Glazen Kunstkist" by Cultuurfonds Oegstgeest at Lange Voort, Oegstgeest.


June 2017 - Solo exhibition Wintergarden Gallery Estec, Noordwijk.


May 2017 - Part of exhibition 'Nasty Women Alkmaar' at Stadskantine Alkmaar, Noorderkade 1027, Alkmaar.


March 2017 - Part of exhibition 'Nasty Women Amsterdam' at Josilda da Coneição Gallery, Amsterdam.


January-March 2017 - Exhibition together with Udo Prinsen and Hanne van Baarle at ArtTraverse, Gemeentehuis De Bilt, Bilthoven.


February 2017 - Part of exhibition 'Even my mum can make a book' (with my 'Critical Coloring Book') at Corridor Project Space, Amsterdam.


December 2016: Exhibition at This Art Fair, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam.


June 2016: Exhibition at 'Zomers Kunstweekend', part of the Leidse Lakenfeesten, Hooglandse Kerkgracht in Leiden.


March-April 2016 : Solo exhibition 'Values for Money' at Cloud Gallery, Prinsengracht 276, Amsterdam.


February 2016: Group exhibition 'Art for Refugees' at Cloud Gallery, Prinsengracht 276, Amsterdam.


December 2015-January 2016 : Exhibition at This Art Fair Amsterdam, Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam.


October 2015: Group Exhibition 'Bodily Functions' at Modestraat, Buikslotermeerplein 17, Amsterdam.


June-July 2015: Group exhibition 'Surface Tension / Oppervlaktespanning' at Singular Art, Smalle Haven 199, Den Bosch.


February 2015: Solo exhibition 'Shape of Humanity' at Cloud Gallery, Prinsengracht 276, Amsterdam.


February 2015: Exhibition 'What do we Worship' at De Slang, Spuistraat 199, Amsterdam.


February 2014: Exhibition at De Slang, Spuistraat 199, Amsterdam.


August 2013: Exhibition at Cultuur?Barbaar! Festival, at Scheltema, Leiden.


June-August 2013: Exhibition at Gallery Holland Handwork, Koninginneweg 225, Amsterdam.


June-July 2013: Exhibition at Balman Gallery, Corbridge, Northumberland.


April 2013: Exhibition at Gallery Noodweer, Leiden.


January 2013: Exhibition at Cafe de Prins, Prinsengracht 124, Amsterdam.


December 2012: Exhibition at HOLLAND HANDWORK at ROEST, Amsterdam.


September 2012: Exhibitions at Roodkapje, Rotterdam and Eddie the Eagle Museum, Amsterdam with Rooiewaas.


August 2012: Exhibition with theatre group "STILLEVEN" at the Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam.


March 2012: Exhibition at Gallery Diderot 13d, Amsterdam.


February 2012: Exhibition with theatre group "STILLEVEN" at Naleye ART Gallery, Amsterdam.


January 2012: Exhibition at club VLLA, Amsterdam.